Vol.175 No.1, 2019


Special Issue of Transmission & Distribution (T & D) Products

Regarding T & D products that support social infrastructures, we have supplied a great number of power transformers, switchgears, and surge arresters. There are changes of society like the trends such as low-carbon society, popularity of IoT (Internet of Things) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) technologies, and increase of power equipment with long years of operation (close to limit of operation life). The market calls for lower environmental impacts of products and services, compact design, high performance and efficiency,system-level scalability, high reliability (the product suppliers shall have the operational life/deterioration diagnosis and analysis technologies).
This special issue introduces our T & D products under such changing society and in support of the social infrastructure-related projects at home and abroad. We also introduce our performance analysis and diagnosis technologies which support the operation of such products.

[ Design, Verification, and Diagnostic Technologies ]