Vol.188 No.2, 2023


Special Issue of DX Application: Our Technologies, Products, Services, and Solutions for Water Infrastructure

We have long contributed to the development of water infrastructures by providing electrical equipment, centralized supervisory and control system, and facility management services for water, sewage, and wastewater treatment facilities. In recent years, the water supply and sewerage service business has been subject to the changes in the environment related to “water” such as rising market needs for: energy saving measures to promote “carbon neutrality”, countermeasures against flooding due to abnormal weather in Japan, etc. Local governments face many challenges, such as dealing with changes in the water service business environment, aging various water treatment facilities, and skills and know-hows transfer to younger generation due to aging of operators.
This special issue introduces our technologies, products, services, and solutions that utilize Digital Transformation (DX) in order to realize a good water resource environment.

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